Self-Expression: The Way Intuition Navigates Life

“One of the most important discriminations we can make … is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.” Woman Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD.

Intuition is that voice from our soul. The one that longs for self-expression. 

Intuition can be described as that whisper in our ear or the tap on our shoulder, until we learn the art of true self-expression. 

When we do, we are letting our intuition navigate our lives; to thrilling results. 

I have a tendency to binge-follow themes of wisdom and those who impart it. Mel Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Jay Shetty and many more have contributed to the pearls in my collection.

For now, as I work to engage my feminine energy and let it dance with my masculine energy, it is this book that inspires my fingers to poise above the keyboard. 

Since a friend recommended it and my copy arrived in the mail, I have used it like a textbook. I read and take copious notes. Then I study those notes and pick different aspects of focus along my journey. 

This quote is so timely and timeless all at once. 

Think about it. 

How do you see through the blanket of distractions thickly enshrouding every corner of the internet, the highway and the world?

How do you listen for the deeper, more resonate voice from that which is waiting to be heard?

We all do it. 

Just like we all get caught up in the sticky web of argument, loss leaders and empty promises. 

Experience with these opposing forces is what makes us strong navigators of modern life as it unfolds. It keeps us contemporary and relevant.  

Today it is my desire to install a framework around tapping into that voice and letting its expression guide us through the epic department store of life. 

A Story:

I rarely scroll instagram in the morning anymore, but it was Sunday and I was doing a recovery ride with Peloton, so it didn’t require all of my focus. Less than one swipe of the screen brought me to the familiar face of Brendon Burchard. I clicked on his latest program, offered for next to nothing. I bought it. It’s on business stuff. At the checkout, I clicked on his upsell for another program along the same lines.

Then I went to my email and got the free thing my current business coach listed from her promotional partner. Why? It asked me if I wanted to know my course creator Archetype.

Of course, I had to know.

And now I’m in a course creation challenge. 

At the time I had this little voice in my head that said, “Hold on! Wait! Stop!”

Logic said that I was just randomly clicking on shiny things and adding them to my collection. Logic can be a very good brake pedal.

One that I did eventually heed.

I sat for a moment and asked myself a few questions. Do you have time to do these things well? Are they necessary for the growth of your business?

A funny thing happened.

The longer I contemplated, the more conviction I had. Not just the defensive rebuttals you’d give to someone who questioned your time and money management. (yeah, those came first because I am still working to optimize those areas of my life.)

These things dovetailed beautifully with my major areas of focus. I had been working on restructuring one of my online courses as well as honing in on my overall business brand.

With a few dollars and a few minutes a day, I could gain the wisdom of these seasoned entrepreneurs and streamline my journey.

But how did I know?

What’s the difference between the bulldozer that carves out a tangent path and the steamroller that makes your direct path smoother?

Your internal GPS.

Back to the quote.

What she goes on to describe is a buffet. All that food laid out before us. It’s super easy to stare down every delectable morsel and plop it systematically on our plates. It’s super hard to place our focus internally and ask, what will fuel me?

It takes skill.

It’s not something you master in one night, standing plate-in-hand in front of all that food.

Luckily, we’re standing at that buffet every minute of every day.

All we need is a button to put that GPS in action.

Here are a few steps to engaging your GPS and letting your intuition navigate life:

  1. Eyes – Your soul and the forever-hungry gratification aspect see with different eyes. Gratification looks “out there” and wonders, “What can I have?” Soul looks within and says, “Let’s have this.” Which eyes you choose to see through will determine the road you take. It takes practice to turn our focus inward, but every time we do the results are epic.
  2. Ears – We exist in a cacophony of noise. When we are in flow with our soul, it sounds like a symphony. Only those things which are in harmony with our inner rhythm make it to our ears. The rest falls silent before it reaches us. Okay, so really, all of it reaches our ears, but we’re not listening with those. We’re listening with our ‘other ears’, our heart.Take a moment and place a hand on your heart. (Which releases the same chemicals in the brain as receiving a hug. Wow!). Then listen. What’s playing at the symphony today?
  3. Hands – Our instruments of action. They are a direct link to the soul. Notice what your hands do when you are nervous. Sad. Overwhelmed. Excited. Gracious. In moments of pure instinct, they relay messages we most need to hear. 
  4. Language – When we put all three of these together, we discover the language our soul speaks. 

The soul speaks to us. It speaks of things that will benefit us. It gives us answers to our most pertinent questions. It gives us information about what has been, what is now and how that relates to what is coming. It is our greatest ally. 

True self-expression begins when we give our soul the stage. It’s also the point where everything we have learned and have become converges and we embark on yet another path. The one of knowing.

Imagine never standing at a crossroads and wondering which path to take. You just step on the gas and go ahead…in whatever direction your GPS tells you.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my words. I hope you gleaned a tidbit of information or pleasure…or both!

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