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Huna Principle #3 Energy Flows Where Attention Goes….revisited November 5, 2013

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“Injuries” reads the big bold letters of the newest addition to the endless supply of “rules n regulations” wallpaper at my workplace.

It’s quite a feat to pique my interest before 6am, but this script hijacked my foggy mind, commanding sharp-focused attention. Unlike the symphony of color and script that form into a long blur as I dart through the factory, this poster shot every word straight thru my eyes to be processed in the brain. And the end result wasn’t pretty. I was going to break my ankle. 1 in 6 odds were that it would happen on the staircase directly behind me. The staircase that now loomed ominously between me and my work.

“And that information is supposed to be helpful?” I wondered as I pivoted, totally focused on my newly fragile ankles and looked down the staircase that I had successfully traversed copious days for the last two years. My time was up. The sign said so.

Because work beckoned, I gingerly crept down each sinister step.

A sigh escaped my lips as I found hard ground once again. Bullet dodged, I set off across the factory…and right into the path of a forklift.

There are all sorts of safeguards to prevent this kind of event, but in a flurry of “luck” all of them failed simultaneously. Luckily, the forklift driver had not been reading the INJURIES sign and in a moment of sheer genius….prevented certain calamity.


The really cool part of these Huna principles is that the truth of them is mirrored everywhere.

In this case? It’s Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. And I think it merits revisiting because this story is just too perfect an example of how the “old” way of thought has been outdated by an even older mode of thought. We can dress them up any way we want…but the rules still apply. Hanging an INJURIES sign about breaking your ankles at the top of a staircase will achieve exactly that. If you want to promote safety…don’t focus on injury. And this comes to light everywhere. It is the fear campaign. And if you’ve ever had a inkling of doubt about drilling fear into anyone about anything…you’re right!

Signs about drowning are plastered all over our beaches. Signs about falling asleep while driving are all over our roads. Announcements about kids falling out of shopping carts are blasted through our stores. Just because it’s everywhere, doesn’t make it helpful.

But! We don’t have to go around tearing down all the signs or launch vast campaigns to have them eradicated. All we have to do is become aware. When you let your mind slip into consciousness for only a moment…everything changes. We can look at an INJURIES sign and think immediately… “They’re asking me to be safe. Thanks!” Because “NOW is the moment of power” and NOW is about being present and making a conscious choice.

So…enjoy the principles and watch for them…they’re everywhere!


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